Berkshire Coaching Weekend
Berkshire Coaching Weekend


For ladies, a suit, either pant or long skirt of conventional color is always correct. A long sleeved dress or coat is also correct. Scarves that match are a nice touch. High heels are tough to climb and awful on soft ground, so low heels are best. Brimmed hats are a must, flowers, nets and ribbons to match add to the ensemble. Gloves are a nice touch, but not necessary. Coats in cold or wet weather are a must. Be comfortable, it’s a long ride.

For gents, a suit or sport jacket with slacks, dark socks and a tie (either long or bow) would be correct. Please, no jeans. Dark shoes and over coat for cold weather are correct. Gloves are optional but are a nice touch. Gents must wear an appropriate hat, either black top hat or bowler grey. We will have some extra hats to loan for both ladies and gents at the tent. Please ask or help yourself. Don’t forget to return them for others to use.

Due to the photography of this event, please refrain from wearing sunglasses.

Call Berkshire Coaching Weekend, Orleton Farm 413-298-3119 for additional information.